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About Big Dream ChaserZ

At Big Dream ChaserZ we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to live their dreams and realize their true potential. We are passionate about digital technology and personal development. We have partnered up with various experts to create an exclusive social educational platform, providing you with the best training material on topics such as building a successful online business, to setting goals and achieving better results in all areas of your life including Health, Fitness and Personal Development etc. We also teach our students how to make passive income, which is one of the best ways of gaining financial independence and living the life of your DreamZ.

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Follow other interesting & inspirational Dream ChaserZ and support them along their journey while sharing your own inspiring content with the rest of & community. 


Global Search allows for a global, unified search of all components, with a live drop down as you type.

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Search for other Dream ChaserZ near you, who are part of "Dream ChaserZ" network who you can connect with, get to know. Discover new friends, accountability partners and more.

Follow inspiring entrepreneurs & get to know other upcoming Dream ChaserZ and future leaders of tomorrow. Also gain access to our weekly motivational feeds etc.


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Dream ChaserZ can upload photos, organize them into albums, and tag their friends! On a mobile device you can easily swipe through photos with your fingers

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Share private messages with people in your network of friends. Encourage, Support & Motivate each other. You can also create private Groups.

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Let people know who you are and what you do. Dream ChaserZ have an activity stream & interactive "Wall", similar to Facebook enabling you to write on each other’s Walls & "Like" each other's posts.

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The social network uses ultra crisp icons and graphics so it will look stunning on retina displays and high definition phones and tablets

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We use coding best practices to ensure that the social network is fast and secure.

Every month we have a limited amount of spaces available for people to sign up before we close the entry. Please note that there is currently a high demand for our courses and training materials. By filling in the form above you will be opted into our exclusive subscribers list where you will get more information on how to Sign Up!

We also want to offer everyone as much value as possible. This is why we have decided to give away to all of our subscribers a FREE copy of our "Entrepreneurial Success" eBook in which you will discover the Step-By-Step System to program your mind for success.


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Big Dream ChaserZ: Passive Income Generator Course

"I am really impressed with the Big Dream ChaserZ platform. The social network is very easy to navigate. I have learned so much from their online courses so far  and I a have finally started an online business I am passionate about. I feel excited about my future. All the members in the Dream ChaserZ network are also amazing, 5 star rating. I would recommend anyone who may be thinking about joining to go ahead and sign up today!"

Simon Dean, Dream Chaser

Learn how to create a lifestyle online business which will help you to become 'Financially Independent' & live the life of your dreams. Also gain access to training materials on Health & Fitness, Personal Development etc


It's all up to you when you want to learn, and where you want to learn. You will have unlimited access 24/7 to all of the training videos which you can watch and implement all at your own pace.



Get a certificate after completion of each course. Also gain exclusive access to some personal development tools and resources which will help you along the way.

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